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In the fast-moving and varied world that is catering for the general public, whether it is on the high street, in the work place, in schools or in the hospital and care industry, flexibility and consistency are the keys to success.

    Meeting the demand...

...for detail on nutrition can seem like a minefield and fraught with problems like;
  • "my recipes are not standard",
  • "we change our menu's daily how can we be flexible and keep the information on the nutritional values up to date" and
  • "how do I include specials that come on the menu to take advantage of my suppliers special deals".
NutriPlanIT - Puts YOU in control.

Find out how your organisation can take greater control by contacting David O'Malley.

    With NutriPlanIT ...

...your organisation can control every aspect of the food service delivered across many sites over any distance.

It provides total control of:-
  • Nutritional information presented for customers to see on the printed menus.
  • Immediate, fully interactive nutritional detail from your own recipe, no need to wait for someone to get back to you.
  • All your suppliers details loaded into core data securely and specific to your organisation.
  • Multiple security access levels for various levels of your organisation.
  • The ability to view “Live Information” across multiple sites from your own offices.
  • Cost control and instant budget verses performance indicators.
  • The ability to centrally steer menu activity.
  • E-order capability.
  • Ordering of ingredients for your chosen recipes  taking into account stock held.
  • Full stock control, automatically amending stock levels based on menus prepared and deliveries received.


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