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NutriPlan IT is a simple-to-use, food planner or food diary, point-and-click tool that will help you and empower you to understand the food that you eat and to see at a glance how well (or not) it meets with your own personal nutritional needs.

    Unlike other tools...

...that make you choose from a fixed set of predefined recipes or menus, NutriPlanIT is totally flexible, catering for even the most unlikely eating habits.

And then, if all that wasn't easy enough, NutriPlanIT can print out for you a shopping list including all of the ingredients in your selected menus and recipes.

So if you want to better understand what you eat and take control of your health through better nutrition...

NutriPlanIT is available - simply click on the NutriPlanIT logo below.

    Regardless of what you eat, when you eat it or how you prepare it, NutriPlanIT will immediately show you the nutritional balance of your meals allowing you to adjust them accordingly.

Using it as a food planner or food diary, you can assemble your own recipes by including ingredients from our wide range of 'set' products, or you can enter your own ingredients if you wish. There is also a wide variety of 'set' recipes that you can browse through and choose from. Each recipe is immediately analysed for nutritional balance against a 'recommended daily profile' that shows you easily the 'quality' of the recipe allowing you to then adjust it if needed.

With your recipes selected you can then combine them into 'menus'. Each menu might represent a single meal or perhaps an entire day's food consumption. The menu as a whole is then analysed in the same way to give you a clear picture of how well you are eating. Several menus covering a period of time can also be analysed so that you can assess a whole week's meals (for example) at one go.


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If you are a commercial catering operator... well as the above Nutritional features, NutriPlanIT also provides costing analyses, the facility to generate supplier orders based on the recipes and menus, and full stock control features.
Click here for more details of these features.

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