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In this day and age, we seem to be continually bombarded with warnings, guidance and advice about ensuring that we eat a "well balanced diet". As a food planner or food diary, NutriPlanIT helps you find a way through the maze.

    You can use NutriPlanIT in advance, as a planning tool, or afterwards as a food diary.

In either case it will show you how well your planned or actual consumption has met your recommended daily amounts (RDAs) for the various nutritional components. You can then take control and alter things accordingly so that your nutritional intake is better balanced against recommendations.

    We are warned that excessive amounts of fats, or salt, or sugar are bad for us.

We are advised to ensure that we eat a good mixed, balanced diet.

We are given crude guidelines to eat "5 portions of fruit and vegetable per day"

But all of these are either short on detail (how much actually IS a 'portion') or require us to walk around with dictionaries of nutritional breakdowns so that we can work out whether or not we are exceeding our daily allowance of salt, or sugar, or fat, etc. etc

We need to be able to quickly identify what we have eaten, or are planning to eat, and then have someone or something do all the sums and show us where we are deficient or where we are in excess so that we can take action to correct the situation.

NutriPlanIT is that 'someone or something'



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