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In this day and age, we seem to be continually bombarded with warnings, guidance and advice about ensuring that we eat a "well balanced diet".

  Special Diets

From time to time, many of us need to eat according to a 'special' nutritional requirement. - commonly known as 'dieting'.

This may mean restricting our intake to a certain level, or perhaps increasing our intake of certain elements to recover from illness or perhaps to prepare for a sporting event. In these cases, what we eat must be compared, not with the standard RDAs, but with RDAs specific to our needs at the time.

With NutriPlanIT, you can enter your own specific RDAs according to the diet your nutritionist or specialist has provided for you. The recipes and menus will then be analysed against those RDAs to ensure that you are eating appropriately according to your needs.

Note, however, that NutriPlanIT is NOT giving you dietary advice or guidance, that is a job for specialists. It is however empowering you with information so that you can assess your meals to ensure that you follow your specialist's advice.

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